STAAR CONNECTION™ Developmental Series™ Gr 3 Reading (student edition)


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Discounted pricing for quantities purchased in a single order.  51‑100 books $17.95 each, 100+ books $15.95 each.

Formative assessments created for the TEKS, games, activities, and investigations to develop, reinforce, and enrich TEKS.  Student editions are to be used with STAAR CONNECTION™ Developmental Series™ Gr 3 Reading teacher edition. Student editions cannot be reproduced. Minimum purchase - 20.

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KAMICO® Instructional Media, Inc.
Developmental Series™
Grade 3 Reading


 Assessments, games, and activities to develop, reinforce, and enrich TEKS for individual students, partners, small groups, teams, and entire classes 

Teacher editions - 620 pages of rich, meaningful content
Student editions - 400+ pages of engaging activities and assessments
Multiple assessments and activities for TEKS that contain multiple discrete skills; for example—
    TEKS 1/4B is divided into two sets of activities and assessments, one each for context clues and multiple-meaning words
    TEKS 2/8A is divided into four sets of activities and assessments, one each for literary plot, main idea, supporting details, and summary
    TEKS 3/19D is divided into five sets of activities and assessments, one each for expository predictions, conclusions and generalizations, graphic organizers, chronology, and summary
Each game or activity develops, reinforces, or enriches a specific TEKS or a discrete skill described in a TEKS
Activities and enrichments support
    project-based learning
    differentiated instruction
Content is adjustable to meet varying levels of cognitive demand
Enrichment activities extend skill mastery and expand critical-thinking skills
Materials facilitate peer interaction and communication, as well as a decrease in student behavior problems

Educators asked for it—we responded. KAMICO student editions now include many activity sheets, student resources, and assessments to ensure mastery of TEKS and success on STAAR. This allows educators to immediately implement KAMICO's scientifically validated program without having to spend valuable time duplicating much of the materials.