STAAR CONNECTION™ Grade 3 Math Summative Benchmark Assessment

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Summative Benchmark Assessment. 50 questions.

(minimum order of 25) Benchmarks are not reproducible.

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KAMICO® Instructional Media, Inc.
Summative Benchmark Assessment
Grade 3 Math

Ensure that Students Master Grade-Level Skills and are Ready to Begin Grade 4!

►Summative TEKS-based grade-level assessment

Use to determine mastered TEKS and TEKS in need of remediation

Track grade-level mastery growth throughout the year

Administer at beginning of school year as a pre-test, during as an interim test, and at end of school year as a posttest

Verify that students have the foundation to begin grade 4 math instruction

Expose students to STAAR format

Validated by scientifically based research

50 questions created specifically to address grade-level TEKS