A Special Message from KAMICO® Regarding COVID-19

During these extraordinary times, we at KAMICO® Instructional Media are as committed as ever to supporting students and their educational needs. With the closure of our nation's schools, we want to reassure our communities that we are still here for you.

One of the greatest things about KAMICO® materials is that they are effortlessly converted for home use by parents. In fact, parents have been purchasing our products for home use for decades. The fun TEKS-based board games in our Game Gallery® provide hours of entertainment and are perfect for family game nights. The activities in our Developmental Series™ require no specialized equipment or training to carry out. They are sure to keep students at home engaged and learning, whether they are conducting exciting science experiments, exploring our nation's history, mastering challenging math skills, or perfecting their reading and writing. Our Diagnostic Series™ provides stimulating content while ensuring students master the TEKS they would be studying in a more-traditional classroom environment.

Parents, please don’t feel daunted by our extensive catalog of titles. We have found a way to make ordering simple and easy! Our staff has bundled the perfect assortment of materials for you in our Parent/Child Home Learning Kits. These kits are grouped by grade level and content area, and each includes a mixture of games, assessments, and activities—everything you need to keep your homebound students challenged and engaged while mastering Texas educational standards. Furthermore, we are offering our Parent/Child Home Learning Kits at a discounted rate from what it would cost to purchase each title individually. With these valuable tools, your children will complete this school year at or above grade level, and when on-campus classes resume, they will hit the ground running.

We are proud to be members of your community and understand that each of you is going through unique challenges. Meeting the needs of our customers, employees, neighbors, and friends continues to be our highest priority. We are praying for each and every one of you to remain healthy and safe through this time. To our parent-educators, we want you to know that we are committed to serving you in any way we can, from our top-notch customer support to free shipping on all orders. If you are a teacher or administrator and know of parents who need help meeting new educational demands, please share the news that KAMICO® products are ideal for working with children at home. We truly appreciate your support at this time, and hope that you'll find us an excellent resource for meeting all your children's learning needs.