CONNECTION® to Kindergarten

Standards-based thematic units (26 volumes)

Brain-based and developmentally appropriate, KAMICO’s CONNECTION® to Kindergarten creates a stimulating, fulfilling, and child-centered environment. The curriculum both facilitates and assesses learning as students take their first steps toward mastering standards. Each volume includes lessons, activities, and opportunities for differentiated instruction in

  • Phonics
  • Phonemic and Phonological Awareness
  • Literature Appreciation, Print Awareness and
    Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Physical Education
  • Art

View Sample - Introduction and General Information
View Sample - Literacy-Phonics
View Sample - Literacy-Phonemic and Phonological Awareness
View Sample - Literacy-Literature Appreciation, Print Awareness, and Reading Comprehension
View Sample - Literacy-Writing
View Sample - Mathematics
View Sample - Science
View Sample - Social Studies
View Sample - Fine Arts and Physical Education