Quick Start Packs

 For educators beginning a new grade level, teaching a new subject, or seeking to maximize STAAR results:  Special Savings on the KAMICO program

Diagnostic Series™, Developmental Series™, Game Gallery®, and CONNECTION® to Literature included as applicable for Grades K – 8 and EOC

  •  Languages: English and Spanish
  • Content Areas: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies
  • 5-10% off the price of standard purchase
  • Encompasses entire KAMICO program
  • Provides instruction for individual students, partners, small groups, teams, and entire classes
  • Supports differentiated instruction, student performance, and positive behavior
  • Filled with rich, rigorous content
  • Enhances student mastery and retention of TEKS
  • Proven to increase student achievement
  • Develops, reinforces, and extends skills and concepts
  • Facilitates comprehension and increased retention
  • Promotes critical thinking and enhanced reasoning
  • Scientifically validated materials