KAMICO educational products

Here is what just a few of our customers have to say about KAMICO®


"I truly believe in your program!  I LOVE IT!  If you need a spokesperson—let me know!"

Elementary Teacher
Waco, Texas

"KAMICO® provides an excellent program . . . and is a very professional organization!"

High School Teacher
New York

"When you get one right, the software has a neat way of letting you know you are right."

3rd-Grade Student
Baytown, Texas

"Because KAMICO® is aligned with national and state standards, it helps with preparation for tests - especially with our special-needs students."

Lakesia D. Jolley
Curriculum Coordinator
Florence, South Carolina

"KAMICO® materials contain high-interest stories and challenging math content.  We are pleased with its consistency and attribute part of our 'exemplary' rating towards the use of KAMICO® materials."

Larry Myers
Hatton Elementary
Bridge City I S D

"KAMICO® materials enhance the ability to transfer skills into a testing format."

Vicki Harper, Principal
Dyess Elementary
Abilene I S D

"KAMICO® provides many different resources—from games to practice tests.  KAMICO® is wonderful in the fact that it has so many different options to choose from for each objective."

Shelley Tucker, Assistant Principal
Sycamore Elementary
Crowley I S D

"KAMICO®'s software is easy to install and the directions are easy to follow."

Junior High Teacher
Alexandria, Louisiana

". . . very beneficial to students and teachers.  The computer graphics are great!"

Junior High Technology Coordinator
Pineville, Louisiana

"After using KAMICO®, our students are prepared to think."

Linda Case, Principal
Jackson Elementary
Abilene I S D

"For kinesthetic, hands-on learners, KAMICO® games provide excellent reinforcement. The questions help students learn how to transfer skills to test form."

Linda Pearce
G/T Extended Learning Teacher
Shadow Forest Elementary
Humble I S D

"I am very impressed with the Path to Mastery software . . . I logged on as a student and took the pretest—excellent questions!"

Technology Coordinator
Portland, Oregon

"I called with installation problems when we first received the software.  The person I talked to was very helpful and gave me the answers I needed right away."

Computer Lab Assistant
Hendersonville, North Carolina

"I had one problem with accessing the database, and the tech support was great!"

Elementary Teacher
Garner, North Carolina

"I have used the games with my students.  They are having fun.  They are learning, and they don't even know it!"

2nd-Grade Teacher
Texas City, South Dakota

"I know KAMICO® books have helped our school become exemplary!"

Alice Van Borssum
Instructional Facilitator
Calhoun County I S D

"I know KAMICO® is the reason my classes' scores are so good.  I've got proof and can show you."

3rd/4th-Grade Teacher
Paris, Texas

"I like KAMICO® because it is so student centered."

Linda Sires, Principal
Bullock Elementary
Garland I S D

"I like the ease of entering student demographic information into the database."

High School Teacher
Tremont, Illinois

"I love the Developmental Series. The activities are easy to follow, easy to make, and the students have fun playing them."

Jami Bookout, Teacher
Austin Parkway Elementary
Fort Bend I S D

"I use the data disaggregation program to keep track of students' progress and to see which areas need to be reinforced."

High School Teacher
Tappen, North Dakota

"I was surprised at how closely the Path to Mastery software aligned with our state standards."

Proficiency Program Specialist
University Heights, Ohio

"I've found KAMICO® materials to be extremely effective in preparing my students in two ways: test-taking strategies and curriculum content. Thanks!"

Jolynn Schwing, Assistant Principal
Purple Sage Elementary
Round Rock I S D

"KAMICO® first- and second-grade-level materials help us prepare our younger kids. Our third-grade students have gotten great test results!"

Jill Faubion, Principal
Merkel Elementary
Merkel I S D

"KAMICO® games are provided (per objective) that give the students the content they need and make it fun to learn."

Clara Sale-Davis and Department Chairs
Freeport Intermediate
Brazosport I S D

"KAMICO® has a direct impact in my classroom on preparing students for testing."

Cynthia Owens, Teacher
Morales Elementary
Pasadena I S D

"KAMICO® has been effective in raising test scores because every skill is taught and assessed in a systematic way, test scores have improved significantly."

Laurie Carey, Reading Specialist
Wylie Intermediate
Wylie I S D

"KAMICO® has been essential in raising our test scores!"

Laura Middleton, Principal
A. W. Brown Fellowship
Dallas, Texas

"KAMICO® has prepared students for standardized testing."

3rd-Grade Teacher
Portland, Oregon

"KAMICO® is an excellent program! I would recommend it to other educators."

John Horak, Principal
Walker Junior High
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote I S D

"KAMICO® makes math fun."

4th-Grade Student
Baytown, Texas

"KAMICO® materials are grade-level appropriate and easily integrated into instruction."

Nancy E. House, Principal
James F. Bay Elementary
Clear Creek I S D

"KAMICO® materials are up-to-date, challenging, and user friendly! The use of KAMICO® products is an essential part of our test preparation."

Javier Lopez, Teacher
J. P. Henderson Elementary
Houston I S D

"KAMICO® materials are very 'kid' friendly. My students enjoy the activities and games that reinforce objectives."

Pat Luhn, Teacher
Meadows Elementary
Fort Bend I S D

"KAMICO® materials have been among the best we have used in raising our scores from acceptable six years ago, to recognized 3 out of 4 years, and exemplary this year."

Jacquelyn Neugent, Principal
Aaron Parker Elementary
North Lamar I S D

"KAMICO® prepares our students with a thorough and systematic method, and our math scores have reflected the success of the program."

Syndi Meadows/Marcia Rebrovich
Robinson Intermediate
Robinson I S D

"KAMICO® provides one of the most important keys to success on any test—to be familiar with the format of the test before taking the test. Knowing what the test will look like takes the 'fright' out of the test."

Tamara B. Smith, Teacher
Milano Junior High/High School
Milano I S D

"KAMICO® questions are instrumental in helping students develop higher-order thinking skills."

Sherri Means, Assistant Principal
Sparks Elementary
Pasadena I S D

"Love the easy admin functions."

3rd-Grade Teacher
Redlands, California

"My students enjoy the hands-on games. They are very beneficial to the learning process!"

Carla Milbern, Teacher
Sunset Elementary
Dumas I S D

"My students feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a section, and they enjoy the color graphics very much."

Middle School Teacher
Hambleton, West Virginia

"Our school has been exemplary every year! KAMICO® material has been used since 1995."

Linda Whitten, Teacher
John D. Spicer Elementary
Birdville I S D

"Our scores have increased since using the KAMICO® materials. For the first time, we have been exemplary!"

Jonetta Crain, Principal
Shiner Elementary
Shiner I S D

"Our students are 'low phase' in math, but they are very stimulated by the KAMICO® material . . . it will help us with our state's testing program."

High School Department Chair
Valparaiso, California

"Our teachers use KAMICO® materials to enhance instruction in weak areas—not just as test preparation."

Ann Doan, Coordinator
North Crowley High School
Crowley I S D

"Path to Mastery is a very good software program.  It offers challenge to our students."

Elementary Principal
Varnville, South Carolina

"Students enjoy the software program so much that they give up their time at recess to participate."

Elementary Technology Coordinator
Millbrook, New York

"Students like the format and the questions in Path to Mastery.  The screens are interesting and the questions appealing."

6th-Grade Teacher
Holly Springs, Georgia

"Thank you very much for your speedy fulfillment of my telephone order.  The material is exactly what I need—as do all the teachers in Texas!"

Elementary Mentor
Corpus Christi, Texas

"Thanks for helping my grandson succeed."

Retired 4th-Grade Teacher
Houston, Texas

"The data disaggregation program helps me identify areas where the students need remedial help."

8th-Grade Teacher
Yuma, Arizona

"The data disaggregation program makes it easy to see how students have performed in each area and which areas students need help in."

Elementary Teacher
Baytown, Texas

"The feature I like most about KAMICO® materials is their use of higher-order thinking skills."

Pamela Davis, Assistant Principal
Rosco Middle Schoo
Brazosport I S D

"The growth shown from pretest to practice-test scores has been very surprising!"

4th-Grade Teacher
Garner, North Carolina

"The KAMICO® program has been very effective! Our scores have continuously increased each year!"

Mary Frances Jaime, Team Leader
Garfield Elementary
Pasadena I S D

"The Path to Mastery Student Instructional Program provides individualized reinforcement and remediation of the NCTM standards for every student!"

Elementary TSA
Layton, Utah

"The problems are written so that I can understand them."

5th-Grade Student
Baytown, Texas

"The quality of the questions in KAMICO® make assessing student achievement more accurate."

Nicki Roush, Assistant Principal
Pleasant Valley School
Amarillo I S D

"This is our first experience with KAMICO® software.  I am very impressed with the content of the lessons and the very good graphics."

Computer Lab Teacher
Texarkana, Arkansas

"This is the best around."

State Science Content Committee Member
Cleveland, Ohio

"Useful, researched-based software backed by knowledgeable and helpful people."

Computer Science Department Chair
Albany, New York

"We are a low socioeconomic school. Because of KAMICO®, we are exemplary!"

Lisa Rieck, Teacher
Morales Elementary
Pasadena I S D

"We use KAMICO® for tutoring purposes. It definitely makes a difference in our scores!"

Brenda Ward, Principal
Brauchle Elementary
Northside I S D

"Well-organized software installation instructions!"

Elementary Computer Teacher
Westmont, Illinois

"West scores have continued to excel since we began using KAMICO®!"

Carol English, Principal
West Foundation Elementary
Wichita Falls I S D

"Your materials helped my son get the edge, the boost if you will, that he needed to pass his first of many tests."

Father of 3rd Grader
Pflugerville, Texas

"I am so glad I found you again. I love the KAMICO products. Thank you for all the wonderful, rigorous, and time-saving products for teachers."

Octavia Lister
6th Grade ELAR
Dallas ISD