STAAR CONNECTION™ Developmental Series™ Gr 2 Science v2 – created for streamlined TEKS – (teacher edition)


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SKU: STDE2SV2T ISBN: 978-1-62426-903-5

Formative assessments created for the streamlined TEKS, games, activities, and investigations to develop, reinforce, and enrich TEKS. Teacher editions contain blackline masters that can be duplicated by an individual teacher for the students in his or her class only.

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  • Created for streamlined TEKS
  • Formative assessments and activities
  • Created for individual students, partners, small groups, teams, and entire classes
  • Each assessment covers a specific TEKS in isolation
  • Each game, activity, or investigation reinforces or enriches a specific TEKS
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Validated by scientifically based research
  • Created with rich, meaningful content
  • Develops and extends knowledge of standards
  • Contains engaging, customized instruction
  • Adjusts to meet various levels of cognitive demand
  • Filled with enrichment activities to extend skill mastery and expand critical-thinking skills
  • Facilitates peer interaction and communication
  • Decreases student behavior problems
  • Supports differentiated instruction