STAAR CONNECTION™ Diagnostic Series™ Kindergarten Reading (teacher edition)


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SKU: STDIKRT ISBN: 978-1-62426-323-1

Rich, Rigorous Assessments. Teacher editions contain blackline masters that can be duplicated by an individual teacher for the students in his or her class only.

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  • 20 formative assessments, ~240 pages
  • Covers a mixture of Readiness and Supporting TEKS on each STAAR-formatted assessment
  • An effective, research-based program
  • Maximizes student achievement
  • Validated by scientifically based research
  • Filled with rich, rigorous content
  • Facilitates comprehension and increased retention
  • Allows immediate identification of TEKS for which students are in need of remediation
  • Identifies mastery levels
  • Provides information needed to facilitate differentiated instruction

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