Game Gallery® - Grade 2 ELA Game Bundle

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One each of the second-grade reading and writing TEKS-based board games.  Click below for game titles and corresponding skills.

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Second-Grade ELA Game Bundle includes the following TEKS-based board games:

Reading Board Games

Battle of the Books - reader's purpose

Bear's Book Bag - genres

Beastly Main Ideas - main ideas and details

Four Seasons - fact and fantasy

Galloping Graphic Organizers - represent text in different ways

Mark It, Max - forms of text

Names for Nina - literary terms: title, author, and illustrator

Reason for Reading - reader's purpose

Where and When Did it Happen? - setting

Word War - synonyms and antonyms

Writing Board Games

Capitalization Celebration - capitalization

The Great Sentence Search - distinguishing complete and incomplete sentences

Honey Hunt - sentence construction

Quarter Horse Promenade - grammar and usage