Game Gallery® - Grade 6 Math Game Bundle

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One each of the sixth-grade math TEKS-based board games.  Click below for game titles and corresponding skills.

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Sixth-Grade Math Game Bundle includes the following TEKS-based board games:

400-Meter Expression Sprint/Relay - evaluate expressions and generate equivalent numerical expressions

Coordinate Your Moves - graph points in all four quadrants using ordered pairs of rational numbers

Fivers - develop an understanding of proportional relationships in problem situations

How Would You Solve This One, Sherlock? - represent a given situation using descriptions, tables, graphs, and equations

Math Point - represent integer operations with concrete models and connect the actions to the models to standardized algorithms

Measure Match - convert units within a measurement system

Measurement Mile - determine solutions for problems involving area of rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and triangles and volume of rectangular prisms

Ratio Ravine - multiply and divide positive rational numbers - ratios and rates

Riding the Range - but Keep off the Median! - use the graphical representation of numeric data to describe the center, spread, and shape of the data distribution;  summarize numeric and categorical data with numerical and graphical summaries