Game Gallery® - 1M - Circus Solutions

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ISBN: 978-1-62426-310-1

Grade 1 Math Board Game and Flash Cards
(TEKS 1(3)(E) Number and operations. Explain strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems using number sentences.)

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Grade 1 Math
Circus Solutions

Let's go to the circus! Solve addition and subtraction problems while playing Circus Solutions. Determine how much change there is after a ticket is purchased. Figure out how much cotton candy and peanuts cost. Decide how to find out the cost of an elephant ride, and solve many more problems based on a day at the circus!

 TEKS-based game to develop, reinforce, and extend student knowledge
 Ready to play with all parts included
 Promotes student collaboration and interaction
 Decreases student behavior problems
 Supports differentiated instruction
 Validated by scientifically based research
 2 - 4 players