Game Gallery® - 1M - Get Your Mole to Its Hole

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ISBN: 978-1-62426-313-2

Grade 1 Math Board Game and Flash Cards
(TEKS 1(6)(H) Geometry and measurement. Identify examples and non-examples of halves.)

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Grade 1 Math
Get Your Mole to Its Hole

Hurry up and Get Your Mole to Its Hole! Players identify shapes and state whether they are divided into equal parts. As they play, they become geometry and symmetry experts, using cards showing triangles, circles, rectangles, pentagons, octagons, parallelograms, stars, clouds, hearts, butterflies, squares, ovals, and more! With each correct answer, players follow mole footprints around the game board and try to reach their hole first. "Hey diddle diddle! A line down the middle will cut two halves from a whole. But if they aren't equal parts on each side of the line, you don't get to move your mole!"

 TEKS-based game to develop, reinforce, and extend student knowledge
 Ready to play with all parts included
 Promotes student collaboration and interaction
 Decreases student behavior problems
 Supports differentiated instruction
 Validated by scientifically based research
 2 - 4 players