Game Gallery® - 1R - Acorn Afternoon

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ISBN: 978-1-62426-754-3

Grade 1 Reading Board Game and Flash Cards
(TEKS 10 Fact and Fantasy.)

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Grade 1 Reading
Acorn Afternoon

Kids spend all day playing Acorn Afternoon, an enriching board game that helps players become experts at telling the difference between fact and fantasy. Players draw cards and decide whether statements about trees, flowers, and animals are fact or fantasy. As they correctly classify statements, players move their tokens around a beautifully illustrated game board, meeting friendly woodland playmates along the way. As a matter of fact, players will have a fantastic time playing Acorn Afternoon.

 TEKS-based game to develop, reinforce, and extend student knowledge
 Ready to play with all parts included
 Promotes student collaboration and interaction
 Decreases student behavior problems
 Supports differentiated instruction
 Validated by scientifically based research
 2 - 4 players