Game Gallery® - 1W - Sentence Science

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ISBN: 978-1-62426-745-1

Grade 1 Writing Board Game and Flash Cards
(TEKS 20, 20A, 20C Grammar and Usage.)

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Grade 1 Writing
Sentence Science

After playing this exciting game, players will have sentence structure down to a science! Players take turns drawing cards and identifying whether the group of words on them are complete sentences. In Sentence Science, they use their knowledge of subjects, predicates, and grammar to move their tokens around the game board. Past test tubes, microscopes, and graduated cylinders, players will navigate the lab as they become expert sentence scientists. It's no wonder kids have such a strong chemical attraction to this game!

 TEKS-based game to develop, reinforce, and extend student knowledge
 Ready to play with all parts included
 Promotes student collaboration and interaction
 Decreases student behavior problems
 Supports differentiated instruction
 Validated by scientifically based research
 2 or 4 players