Game Gallery® - 5S - Lab Hazards and Precautions

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ISBN: 978-1-62426-447-4

Grade 5 Science Board Game and Flash Cards
(TEKS SIRS/5.1A Laboratory Safety.)

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Game Gallery®

Grade 5 Science
Lab Hazards and Precautions

Science labs are fascinating and fun, but you have to know how to stay safe! While playing Lab Hazards and Precautions, students identify hazards that can be found in science labs and precautions to take to ensure their safety. Players encounter 36 situations as they make their way around a colorful game path surrounded by lab equipment and a young scientist who believes that SCIENCE RULES!

 TEKS-based game to develop, reinforce, and extend student knowledge
 Ready to play with all parts included
 Promotes student collaboration and interaction
 Decreases student behavior problems
 Supports differentiated instruction
 Validated by scientifically based research
 2 - 4 players