Parent/Child Home Learning Kit - Kindergarten

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Parents and their kindergarten-aged children will have a blast with the varied educational supplies included in this kit! Master the Texas state-mandated skills (TEKS) in reading, math, and other content areas while playing games, doing activities, and having fun. Your kit will include five colorful, engaging board games for your home-schooled student to play with you or other members of the family. It will also contain our industry-leading books to keep your student on track to finish the year at or above grade level.

► Cock-a-doodle with the rooster, woof-woof with the dogs, and sing along with the other animals while playing Grandma's Counting Farm. The 7-foot-long game board and over 60 cards provide a fun way to identify, read, and write numbers from 0 to 20.
► Rock with the bears as your child plays I Like Change! Players learn to not only identify coins but also read and write their values. The 4 game boards and 90 cards provide lots of reinforcement!
Shape Shifter! is ready to play! Watch him shift and change his shape! What shape will he be today? Your child will enjoy learning about circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares as (s)he moves about the shape-shifting game board, matching the 72 cards to shapes on the board.
► Learn to count with The County Crows! The County Crows sit high on a line counting, counting, all the time! There are 100 opportunities to practice addition facts with chickens, ducks, horses, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, goats, turkeys, and other cute and happy animals.
► Let's all dance the Barnyard Dance! Your child will learn words that name positions and locations while dancing with the rooster, cow, pig, and other barnyard animals!

► Read the classic picture books Sometimes Things Change and Too Many Balloons, and complete activities based on these beloved books!
► Reinforce skills through the use of our Diagnostic Series books in math and reading!

All our materials are created by highly trained curriculum experts with decades of experience in education. Our products are proven to increase student performance and have been used for years by home educators. The best part is that you receive all this for only $99. Don't waste any time. . . . Order today!

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